Advanced File & Media Manager

Filefy is an advanced file manager and downloader that is capable of detecting and downloading any type of files through its own built-in web browser. Filefy also features it own file manager that supports Importing / Exporting any file to / from the app, it also supports viewing photos, PDF documents, editing text files, unarchiving, playing music, and lots more.

- Fully featured web browser (Web history, bookmarks, clearing cache and cookies, etc...).
- File downloader: Downloads files detected by the browser according to the app's settings.
- Background downloads (For large files).
- File manager: Preview downloaded files, photos, PDFs, text, and play videos and audio through the app's own media player, also includes all functions and capabilities of file management (Including unarchiving).
- Passcode lock.
- Dropbox Integration.
- MIME Type Browser Response detection.
- Supports iTunes USB File Sharing.
- Background downloading.
- Inter-app document interchange.

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